Types of Kitchen Faucets – Bathroom Hub

Types of Kitchen Faucets – Bathroom Hub

Kitchen faucets are a key fixture in the kitchen and can make or break your cooking experience. If you’re renovating an older home, it’s important to know what types of kitchen faucets will work best with your existing space. In this article, we’ll cover all the different types of kitchen faucets available for purchase and give you product reviews on some of the most popular options.

Main Types of Best Kitchen Faucets

One handle faucet

One handle faucets are a relatively common type of kitchen faucet, and also one of the most easily recognizable. They typically consist of two valves (one hot/cold) under your sink which is connected to either a single or dual spout for water delivery out through the unit itself.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • For people who have one hole in their countertop.
  • If you want to save space on the kitchen countertops, then this model is perfect for you and your family.
DELTA Trinsic Single Hole Bathroom Faucet, Gold Bathroom Faucet, Single Handle, Diamond Seal Technology, Drain Assembly, Champagne Bronze 559HA-CZ-DST

Delta Trinsic single hole bathroom faucet is the newest and most innovate faucet in the market. With a dual valve, one will get water with either a push of down or up, which makes it good for children too. Diamond Seal Technology only leaks when you want it to, and comes with an unusual 360-degree swiveling spout that can be turned off completely while getting ready in case maintenance is needed to go back to normal quickly and easily. Delta Trinsic Single hole Bathroom Faucet never requires lubrication thanks to DIAMONDS Seal technology and also has a lifetime warranty installation kit included for purchase purposes. This faucet has got a champagne bronze finish which is easy to clean and maintain its newness for years.

This faucet has got a champagne bronze finish which is easy to clean and maintain its newness for years. With the warranty that comes with this unit, you can rest assured knowing your purchase will be worry free if anything goes wrong in those couple decades before maintenance becomes necessary once again! I’m happy with my choice of kitchen faucets and would definitely recommend Delta Trinsic Single hole Bathroom Faucet as well!  

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Two handle faucet

Two handle faucets are probably the most common type of kitchen faucets. Each hot or cold spout comes with two separate valves under your sink, which are usually connected to a single dual spout for water delivery out through the unit itself.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You have a double hole in your countertop.
  • If you want to save space on the kitchen countertops, then this model is perfect for you and your family.
Moen T943BN Eva Two-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, Valve Required, Brushed Nickel

Moen Two-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit is the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom remodel. The Moen Eva Collection has everything you need to create an elegant and inviting space that can be easily updated without plumbing changes in the future. This trim kit includes two-handle lever handles, easy temperature control, and coordinates with other faucets and accessories of the same style. All Moen metal finishes are designed for quick installation on wall mount or deck mount roman tub spouts (Moen valve 4792, 4793, 4794, 4796) making this product ADA compliant.

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Widespread two handled faucets

Widespread two handled faucets are usually found in bathrooms or other places where space is not an issue. They tend to be much bigger than what you would typically find under your sink and usually come with a single spout for water delivery out through the unit itself.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You need a lot of space on your counter tops.
  • If you have more than two holes in your counter top.
PARLOS Widespread Double Handles Bathroom Faucet with Pop Up Drain and cUPC Faucet Supply Lines, Brushed Nickel, Doris 14172

This PARLOS Widespread Double Handle Bathroom Faucet with Pop Up Drain and CUSC is perfect for your bathroom renovation. It comes includes all the necessary components for installation, including quick-connect hoses on both faucet supply lines! Don’t worry about hard to reach pipes on these new models since everything can be accessed at any distance between 6 – 12 inches. The product is made of premium material that ensures durability while retaining a clean appearance that goes well in most decors.

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Hands-free faucet

Hands-free faucets are ideal for any kitchen where you have a lot of activity going on. The sensors will automatically turn the water off when your hand gets close to it and can be easily turned back on by waving the same hand over them again.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You always want hands free operation in the kitchen while cooking or washing dishes.
APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Motion Sensing Activated Hands-Free Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Single Handle Smart Hands-free Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel, Easy to Install & Spot Resist

The APPASO Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Motion Sensing Activated Hands-Free Kitchen Faucet Tap is an innovative product that allows you to fill pitchers, pots, and pans without touching the faucet by hand. The stainless steel has an attractive brushed nickel finish which coordinates with any kitchen decor. The motion sensing technology turns on the tap automatically when your hands are within 2 inches of it. You can set it to turn off automatically after 20 minutes or manually turn it off yourself with a touch of the button on top of the filter head. This model also features integrated hot/cold temperature monitoring sensors that provide accurate temperature control so you don’t need to wait for cold water before turning on or wait for hot water before turning off.

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Wall mount kitchen faucet

Wall mount kitchen faucets are the most common type of faucets. With this one, you just hook it up to your sink, and voila! Cooking time is as easy as ever with a wall mounted single lever-handle design that’s more than efficient for all those dinner dishes. This kind comes in two varieties: a deck or deckless installation which suit sinks of different depths respectively.

This type has become so popular because they’re very simple and inexpensive to install – something good if you’ve got some plumbing troubles on hand already and doesn’t want any extra expenses added on top of everything else.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You’ve got a wall that’s sturdy enough to hold it and the water pressure is okay.
  • Your kitchen sink isn’t very deep (less than 15″).
  • You want something simple yet easy on the eyes.
Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet, 6 Inch Center Sink Faucet, in Wall Faucet Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Wall Faucets, Wall Faucet Sink, Two Cross Handles Kitchen Faucet, Chrome, RULIA RB1026

Made with top quality brass, features a 6 inch center faucet with a sink connector kit. Also features Motion-sensing technology for more convenience and savings. Models ST06NK1P2H include an attractive price and long service life! ST06NK1P2H is designed by a professional drain company in America, and a top brass brand factory in China that introduces the most popular cheap kitchen sink faucet to the worldwide market through online orders. With 20 min quick inset that will let you use it like the original one without tools, it boasts all benefits desired by the customer. You can get 100% 180 days’ money back if not satisfied with the style or your purchase decision after receiving item(s) completely uninstalled so please feel free to purchase with no worries.

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Kitchen faucet with water filter

Get fresh, clean water at the touch of a button with your very own kitchen faucet water filter. Instead of buying bottled water every time you want to make coffee or tea, just use this gadget and enjoy its benefits for as long as it lasts!

Water filters are designed in different ways which vary from one type to another but they all have one thing in common: they’re meant to give you access to cleaner drinking water that’s been filtered before coming out through the spout. Depending on what kind of impurities there might be in your local tap/well-water supply (and how hard is said water), these gadgets will last anywhere between two months and up to six years without needing replacements – something great if you don’t want to keep buying new ones every once in a while.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You want a more natural way of filtering your water.
  • Your kitchen sink has enough space for it to fit in.
  • The filter can be easily changed when needed (which is usually about once every year).
WANFAN Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer 2 Handle 3 in 1 Water Filter Purifier Faucets Brushed Nickel 0195SN

WANFAN kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer 2 handles 3 in 1 water filter which is a complete package of features for the kitchen sink. This combo product involves: touch the pot, faucets sensor accuracy, and wide sensing range, leaky tap without worries, easy installation, and 100% satisfaction after-sales service guarantee. These perks make washing easier than ever!

Nonstop comfort throughout your day. No more dipping hands into cold water just because it’s not there when you need it! The innovative device has an instant reaction time of 0.5 seconds, which means that it’ll always be there when you need to wash your hands or use the kitchen sink without having to wait.

The faucet is designed with a sensor on top of the spout while its base has been fitted with an anti-leakage mechanism so no matter how hard you pull down or push up – nothing will leak until and unless water pressure reaches 0 PSI for over 30 seconds at a stretch! Also, this unit comes equipped with a self-cleaning cartridge filter capable of removing impurities from tap/well-water before it’s pumped into the system through magnetic force.

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Commercial kitchen faucet

If you’re a professional chef and your restaurant, diner or hotel has its kitchen to handle all the cooking and washing up needs, then this type of faucets is what you need.

Commercial kitchen sinks make life easier for those who work in busy kitchens – whether they run it as their profession or just out of passion. The number one reason behind such popularity is that these types come with more than two spouts which allow several people to use them at once without having any delays between dishes being washed/cooked and put on display. They also have an ergonomic design so even if there’s too much going inside (and outside) the sink area, everyone can easily access everything thanks to pull-down sprayers and side sprays.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • Your kitchen is very busy and needs quick access to running water.
  • You want a faucet with more than two spouts so even many people can use it at once without any major annoyances going on while they wait for their turn.
  • The commercial sink has a large capacity (minimum 20″ deep).
Fapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer Brushed Nickel

The Fapully commercial pull-down kitchen sink faucet is the perfect addition to any home chef’s kitchen. No longer will you need to juggle soapy dishes and clean your hands with cold water when preparing food. With its sprayer, retractable hose, and ergonomic design it is easy for anybody to use this product without having a hard time adjusting their grip or pouring water into their pans. 

Plus we didn’t forget about those nasty bits of spinach stuck on your faucet: they were never an issue thanks to our specially designed nozzles for tough debris like that! This dependable piece of equipment will save valuable time in the back-end upkeep of your kitchen as well as make washing those plates quick and easy.

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Pull-out kitchen faucet

You can’t go wrong with a pull-out kitchen faucet if you don’t want to have any problems reaching the sink’s bottom. This type has been made popular by being very easy to use and also because it adds style without sacrificing practicality – something that everyone loves having inside their homes or workplace kitchens.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • Your kitchen is well equipped for using this kind of product (i.e.: power outlet nearby, sturdy enough wall).
  • The cabinet under your sink allows room for its installation so no one gets hurt during the process.
GROHE 30306DC1 Eurosmart Single-Handle Dual Spray Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, Supersteel

Quench your kitchen’s need for style with the GROHE Eurosmart 30306DC1! Designed to complement every modern kitchen, this pull-out spray head is perfect for making quick work of dishes. Best of all, you can easily switch between a regular stream and a powerful spray by using the toggle button on the spray head. The 90° rotatable swivel radius will allow users to reach deep into their sink, getting everything clean without needing any extra arm pumps. With its speed cleaning feature that allows users to remove limescale buildup with just one wipe, this faucet will be sure to meet your family’s needs in style.

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Pull-down kitchen faucet

This type is probably the most versatile when it comes to style and functionality. It’s also very popular with homeowners because of its ease in cleaning hard-to-reach spots, allowing you to do dishes without having your back hurt afterward.

The pull-down kitchen faucet works by extending the spout outwards so that you can clean plates or cookware as well as use them for washing hands. If you think this might be a bit inconvenient sometimes (especially if there are kids around), know that such models come with spray features too – which means they’ll switch from one functional model into another effortlessly! What more could we ask?

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You want something flexible enough to switch between two functional modes with just one touch.
  • Your kitchen allows for easy installation of this type (i.e.: power outlet nearby, sturdy enough wall).
  • You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty when doing dishes or cooking in general!
APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Brushed Nickel – Single Handle 1 Hole High Arc Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucets, 175BN

The GROHE APPASO features a pull-down spray head that reaches into the sink for easy, well placed cleaning. No matter what you’re doing in the kitchen, this faucet is sure to make your tasks easier and more efficient. Whether you want to whip up some eggs or steam vegetables, your new kitchen accessory can help with both. Spice it up with dual sprays – one regular stream and another semi-stream (perfect for greasy dishes) – or switch to one of many other flows based on your task at hand. With a smooth speed, the clean anti-lime system built right in, you never have to worry about limescale buildup again! With a chic brushed nickel finish and beautifully crafted body design, the modern kitchen has never looked better.

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Side spray kitchen faucet

Side spray kitchen faucets are great for both professional and home environments. Their main purpose is to make it easier when doing the dishes (or cleaning in general) but they can also be very helpful during cooking, especially if you want to rinse some vegetables or meat before putting them on a grill.

This type of Faucets will suit you if:

  • You don’t have much space between your countertop and the bottom of your sink so using pull-out models would not be possible without them being too inconvenient/unwieldy.
  • The wall next to your cabinet isn’t sturdy enough to hold a commercial style unit or just because you prefer this design more than everything else!
  • You allow an easy installation process even with this type (i.e.: power outlet nearby, sturdy enough wall).
  • You want a kitchen faucet that will help you with most dishes and also ones that won’t take up too much space!
Pfister LG26-4NUU Marielle 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray & Soap Dispenser in Rustic Bronze, Water-Efficient Model

Tired of your old, out-dated kitchen faucet? Pfister’s Marielle one-handle kitchen faucet will make sure that never happens. This sleek modern kitchen fixture is perfect for updating the decor of any corner in your home. The Handle on this product meets ADA/ANSI a117.1 requirements, making it accessible to all disabled persons and children. It also includes coordinating, decorative Side spray which is not hard to get at when cooking or cleaning up messes after dinner; it’s just right there next to you!

This faucet features excellent maneuverability with its 360º swivel spout which makes quick work for any chore in the house – no more awkwardly twisting your whole body to get closer to the task at hand. The Side sprayer is not hard to use; you just need to pull it out towards yourself, then turn it clockwise (at least 60 degrees) and push it back into its place – that’s all! For easy water flow adjustment, this unit comes with a single handle which allows for effortless temperature control between hot and cold waters.

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How to choose the right type of kitchen faucet?

​If you’re looking to buy a new kitchen faucet for your home, here are some things to consider when choosing the right type of kitchen faucet:

  • The overall look and aesthetic in your current space. Do you need something that will fit in with other appliances? Will it work well with existing decor or do you want something more modern etc.?
  • An important factor is also how much countertop space there is available. If there’s limited room between the sink and stove/oven, then slimline models might be better suited than traditional styles. You’ll want to measure before purchasing anything though!
  • Another thing to keep in mind is whether they’re wall-mounted (this saves on precious countertop space) or drop-in (if you’re looking for an upgrade from a basic sink faucet).
  • Also, depending on what kind of water pressure your home has, you might want to consider using one with adjustable flow control. You can also look at models that have the capability to switch between stream and spray modes if needed. There are tons of options out there so don’t feel like you need to stick with just one type!

Other considerations:

  • If possible, always try and test them before purchasing – this way any issues can be resolved beforehand. It’s much easier than trying to return something once it’s already been installed into your kitchen countertops!
  • thing we’d recommend is not going over the top with any features, especially if you aren’t going to use them! This way your faucets will last longer and give better value for money.
  • If it’s a wall mounted model make sure there’s enough clearance from the bottom of the unit to get all those pots underneath! By keeping these things in mind when choosing kitchen faucet styles – both new or replacement models – you’ll be able to find something that works perfectly within your space. Happy shopping!

How do you know which type you need?

To find out what type you need:

  • Look at your sink. If it has one handle, then you’ll need a single hole faucet. You should be able to get the dimensions from the manufacturer of your existing unit and compare that with available space on your countertop for mounting purposes.
  • If there are two handles (one hot/cold) then you will most likely want a twin mount kitchen faucet. These come in either side by side or back to back configurations so make sure you check measurements before making any purchases!
  • Lastly, if you’ve got a vessel sink (basically any type of bowl-shaped kitchen countertop) then the chances are you’ll need an under sink mount faucet. These can be single or twin units with various widths depending on your needs and space availability.

Knowing what type of kitchen faucets will work best in your home is key to ensuring they fit well within their designated area! Once installed, most people wouldn’t even know about these little things so it’s important not to let something like this get in the way when designing your dream space. Just remember that no matter how big or small – there’s always room for another functional element!

Choose The Right Faucet Mechanism

Compression Mechanism

Faucets have been around for a while and they were initially operated by means of compression mechanisms. If your kitchen has two separate handles or knobs on the faucet, then you’re using this type which works via rubber washers that loosen up to allow water to flow through it at different pressures-bear in mind though these can become worn out over time so be sure to check yours often! The parts themselves are inexpensive but sometimes difficult (if not impossible)to fix when something breaks since usually there’s no replacing just fixing broken valves with them anymore because those days are gone now thanks mostly due to advances like spray stems where only certain models include one as standard equipment instead).

Your faucet will work well if the rubber washers are in good condition. However, over time they wear down and don’t properly seal off that pesky valve! This means you have to use more force when trying to tighten it up so as not to leak any water all over your counters or floorboards (or wherever!). While compression valves can still be found on older homes with original plumbing systems but these days most people opt for washerless design.

Ball Mechanism

The first washerless faucets were a bit more complicated. They used the ball mechanism and had one handle that moved up, down, from side to side over an almost round metal or plastic cap which sat inside your body of water; when you turned on these appliances they would change where this object is in relation with their slots so it’s easy for us humans here at home regulate what came out: hot/cold fluid flow rate as well pressure levels!

Ball mechanism faucets are simple to use and manipulate with one hand. They make it easy for you the find your desired water temperature, but on top of that there may be mineral deposits that will cause problems down the line so regular cleaning is necessary or parts replacement at some point depending on how often they get dirty/leaky in general due just based off time alone!


You know those faucets that have two ceramic discs, one where you turn it to open or close the flow of water? Well, this one is different because instead of both sides having holes in them as normal handles do for either hot and cold streams each side has just one hole. This specific design feature creates an interesting signature look with its long thin handle sticking out from around a wide cylinder body which houses all our plumbing needs!

Disc mechanisms are a recent development in faucet technology, but they’re becoming more popular because of their durability. In fact, disc-mechanism-based faucets require few if any repairs throughout their lifetime and don’t need much effort to open or close them either – perfect for those with reduced hand mobility!

Cartridge Mechanism

The faucet cartridge is a small cylinder that controls water flow and can be found on single or double handle faucets. The inside of these cartridges are usually made from plastic, but some brass ones exist as well for durability reasons! Inside there’s an open slot where it blocks off when turned into a closed position so no leakages will happen at all thanks to O-rings sealing everything shut effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of faucets are popular?

The disc mechanism and cartridge mechanisms seem to be the most popular currently. These designs provide easy water flow control with little effort on your part as well as lasting durability for years without much maintenance needed! On top of those two, ball mechanism is also a common design that functions decently enough – but not quite as good as others out there now in terms of performance specs because it doesn’t fit its category very well… But if you’re looking to save some money then this could work great too depending on what type your faucet is using actually!

Can faucets be painted?

Absolutely! If you have a shiny chrome or satin nickel faucet then why not paint them? The best way to do this is using spray paints as long as the finish is semi-glossy at a minimum. If your home has those older style brass faucets that are still in good condition but they look dull and unattractive now there’s no reason not to spruce them up by painting them either – it’ll make a world of difference for sure!

What type of handle is best?

It’s important to know that all faucets have two handles – one for hot and cold water. There are three types of handles: round, square, and triangular! In my experience, the best type is a round handle because it looks cleanest in design while still being easy enough to use even with arthritis or weak hands overall. If you go with either a triangle-shaped or square-shaped handle then they’ll require more effort on your part due to their shape which can be uncomfortable if you need both hands available at once… Plus triangles/squares look kind of awkward too… But there isn’t much difference between them when it comes down to performance specs so just do what feels right for you!


A question that comes up every time you’re at your local hardware store is, what type of kitchen faucet should I buy? With so many different styles and brands available it can be tough to choose. But with a little bit of research and some help from our experts we’ve got the answers for you. In this article, we covered the types of kitchen faucets there are on offer today!

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