Toto CST412MF Review

Toto CST412MF Review

If you are trying to find one of the most innovative and also stylish bathroom, you may wish to inspect other designs. Nevertheless, if your objective is to locate a quality multi-optional two-piece toilet, the TOTO Aquia Double Flush is just what you require. Simple as well as affordable the TOTO CST412MF will be an ideal addition to any kind of comfortable washroom.

Toto CST412MF Review

Cost-effective Flushing System

The CST412MF is a proven prototype of an affordable and also sturdy bathroom. Like a lot of the modern two-piece bathrooms, it is geared up with the two-tank flushing system that enables you to pick how much water you wish to flush into canalization. As an example, bigger wastes require making use of a bigger storage tank which use 1.6 GPF (6.0 LPF) of water. The fluid wastes can be flushed away with only 0.9 gallons (3.4 liters) of water.

Despite the fact that the water consumption is rather reduced, you shouldn’& rsquo; t hesitate of clogging. A vast trapway that enters into a bowl-shaped base will certainly prevent this issue once and for all. Naturally, it does not suggest that you can through right into your commode anything that you desire. It suggests that, if utilized effectively, the CST412MF will never ever create you concerns that require to be addressed with a plunger.

Much of our consumers have already experimented with this version, and also they have made no complaints already. They also create that it is nearly difficult to block. This is the reason why we are so optimistic about the TOTO Aquia Twin Flush and why we advise it to our customers.

Elongated Design

When you take a look at this design, the first word that, probably, will concern your mind to explain it is “& ldquo; minimalistic. & rdquo; I don & rsquo; t recognize, perhaps TOTO invited some Japanese designers to service it, however it seems so urbane as well as classy. Its form doesn’& rsquo; t have any kind of extra details. That is why this model is a perfect enhancement to any kind of contemporary bathroom inside.

Another terrific advantage of this commode is that it is available in different colors like untraditional Ebony or warm as well as relaxing Sedona Beige. There is additionally a Bone shade and both alternatives of white. Yes, the range of colors is not very large, yet these are the tones individuals normally look for when they want to buy washroom fitment. Plus, not every TOTO bathroom can extol such a big range of colors. So, if you want something other than white, you need to absolutely look closer at this design.

When it comes to the form of the dish, it is instead simple and also standard. Like many contemporary bathrooms, the TOTO Aquia Double Flush has lengthened front dish. The elevation of this toilet is global.

CST412MF versus CST412MF.10

When you look for this model, you might additionally satisfy a summary with the additional “& ldquo;.10 & rdquo; in the end. Don & rsquo; t get puzzled. The only difference in between the CST412MF and also CST412MF.10 is than the last one has 10 & Prime; rough-in when the other model has 12″ & Prime; rough-in. You might additionally see variations like CST412MF-01, CST412MF-03, or CST412MF-11. In this situation, the numbers indicate the color of the design. For example, the Cotton White TOTO Aquia Twin Flush with 12″ & Prime; rough-in will certainly have a brief name CST412MF-01, where “& ldquo; 01 & rdquo; indicates Cotton White. In this manner the same design in Bone color will be called CST412MF-03, Colonial White –– CST412MF-11, Sedona Beige –– CST412MF-12, and also Ebony –– CST412MF-51. The version CST412MF.10 is made only in one shade (Cotton White), that’& rsquo; s why the only variant its name can have looks like this CST412MF.10-01


This design is so easy-to-install that you may intend to do all the work on your own. Also if you have no previous experience, the small size, and small footprint will make your work straightforward as ABC.

The CST412MF steps in 27.5″ & Prime; x 14.2 & Prime; x 31.2 & Prime;. However, when mounting, you require to remember that the maximal container size is 15.5″ & Prime; and the total length is 27″ & Prime;(without seat). The weight of the commode is around 100 lbs. Nevertheless, thanks to its minimalistic percentages as well as lengthened shapes, the Aquia Dual Flush is much easier to run with than other TOTO designs. Its global height makes it an ideal fit to any kind of washroom.

Another important advantage of this design is that it selects nearly all the information needed for setting up (other than the wax ring). So, you can put this toilet into its place right after you get it. Regrettably, the CST412MF and CST412MF.10 put on’& rsquo; t featured a seat. It requires to be acquired independently. On one hand, you obtain the chance to buy the commode cover you such as, however on the various other hand, you need to think about extra expenses.


We all have different preferences. That’& rsquo; s why several of us will love minimalistic as well as simple shapes of the TOTO Aquia Dual Flush, as well as others might find it as well straightforward and dull. Nevertheless, no one can whine concerning the high quality and also functionality of this product. So, if you are searching for a resilient as well as low-consumption bathroom, the CST412MF is an outstanding selection. Simply pick the version with the color that suits your washroom best.

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