The Review of Best 2018 Toilets

The Review of Best 2018 Toilets

This is out of consideration that each household needs to own a high-quality toilet. Due to the reason, the toilet is one of the most vital parts of the household, its low quality and poor functionality will lead to its users to experience the continuous discomfort whenever they need to use it. No matter when and where: on the holiday trip, camping, fishing or hunting, people always prefer to use as maximum as a possible toilet. If you are still unsure what is the best model of the toilet to purchase, continue with this article. This is the right place for you to find out what is the best choice for you.

To select the toilet that will make your perfect choice, there is the need to hold a high-quality information that will lead your path on this decision. This article will provide you the real facts and reviews of different toilet models that were ranked as the top ones.

Reviews of the Best Toilets 2018

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Features that Differentiate the Best Toilets

Do you still think that toilet is the simple mechanism for flushing the waste? You are correct indeed. However, the top quality toilets owe additional features that make them stand out from an enormous range of toilet models available in the market. Nowadays, the technology of toilets made it possible to save water and maintain the high-performance standards of the flushing operation. You would prefer to have the comfortable seat that situated just on the right height. Review the feedbacks from other users and professionals on which models are the most convenient in installing and space saving, so you will be able to avoid the hassle of installing process and enjoy the roomy bathroom space afterwards.

The Pros of Choosing the Best Toilet for You

The core benefit of investing in a good-quality toilet is, of course, the reassurance of the continuous ability to flush the waste away completely for a long time. Certain households need to have the specific pumping power to avoid the limitations of toilet’s perfect performance. Toilets usually are not compatible with the vertical requirements of pumping, which is able to create a vast issue.

Additionally, the high standard toilets will save to their users a significant volume of water per single flush, which, as a result, will accumulate in the weighty saving in the total. Moreover, you will forget about the remaining of waste and paper behind. Even if you would like to purchase the composing toilet, today’s market has models that will be able to meet the most, if not all, your requirements.

The last but not the least advantage of choosing the high-quality toilet is the level of comfort the product will deliver to its users. A truly comfortable toilet will have the seat that will not cause any skin irritations and will not leave the imprints of the seat on your skin too. Additionally, any good toilet should have the noise reduction system that enables to reduce the sound of toilet’s flush system.

The Typical Issues with Low-Quality Toilets

The weak force of flushing operation is the most often problem the users face today. Even thought the legacy regulations limited the standards of flushing operation to 1.6 gallons, the majority of toilets installed in households utilize the 3.5 GPF, which is more than the twice of the norm. The separate article is available in our archive of reviews that is dedicated specifically to the issue of flushing standards and the models that do and do not meet the legal requirements. If that is the issue you would like to consider in more details, we would advise you to read this article.

Manufacturers that issue the latest models of toilets compose them using a bigger number of parts that allow these toilets to perform a more efficient level of water circulation in the bowl. The particular upgrade cleans toilet more effective after the use and provides easier maintenance of the product overall. However, the drawback of these toilets is that the presence of more details increases the repair costs in case of part’s damage. This issue is applicable for all categories of toilets, even for the luxury models.

Modern models of toilets are also integrated with automatic parts. For some houses, the latest automatic systems, such as automatic flushing, seat heating and lid lifting may cause compatibility issues that will result in poor performance of toilet and will cause a headache to its users. These issues underline the importance of the knowledge about high-quality toilets currently available in the market. This allows the customer to avoid the risk of overspending and investing in poor-quality good.

The Top Quality Models Of Present Market

In this case, the awareness of your household’s compatibility characteristics is the crucial aspect when it comes to the purchase of new toilet. The specific type can be either stated by the local building codes or depend on house’s systems. In addition to that you will require some knowledge about toilets’ functionalities. This is the reason all reviews are created for – to supply people with relevant, important and helpful information that will lead to the right choice. You are able to choose between different models in terms of parts’ composition, price range and quality. These criteria are fundamental to analyse when buying a toilet.

You might prefer to purchase a small-size toilet to accommodate comfortably a small-area bathroom or you may wish to install a full-powered model to ensure the primary functionality of toilet’s performance. Our advice is to invest in a dual-flush toilet. Due to its features, this model will reduce your water bill by around $100 annually. Such saving will pay off the full price of the toilet within 2-3 years time.

It is also important to consider the following aspects:

  • The choice between 1 or 2 piece toilets.
  • Shape of toilet’s bowl
  • Whether there is the need for a tank.
  • The placement of toilet’s handle

Having all the aspects listed above in your mind, we can guarantee that you will be pleased with the final decision on the choice of your toilet.

The Basic Features of Toilet’s Plumbing

As the beginning, you need to measure the distance from the building wall behind the toilet to the outlet pipe. This measure is also known as the “rough-in”. In most cases, the distance is fixed at 30.5 cm, because it is the common standard for most (but not all, so it worth to double check) homes. The majority of producers also manufacture their toilets with the same “rough-in” distance nowadays. In older homes, this distance may appear to be, either 25 cm or 35.5 cm.

Specialist’s Note: for the precise measurement, the distance has to include the baseboard of the wall.

Another point that has to be considered is the presence of the vent-hole. Its absence will cause the exposure of the entire household to the blowout of dangerous gas that develops with the sewage. Even if the vent was plugged, this still spreads the gas inside the house and has a risk of the counterflow initiation. You need to avoid the abortion of a vent in the attic. It has to be terminated outside the house and be protected from corrosion or any kind of influences that climate changes might cause. Following these pieces of advice, you will enjoy the qualitative installation process and the later use of the toilet.

The Price Range for Top Rated Toilets

The online shopping will provide you a vast range of prices for toilets. It is possible to find a fair-priced budget saving models with the price tag under $200, which will provide you with a durable, reliable toilet with integrated fundamental functionalities. If the price tag comes for you on a background, there is the range of premium class toilets, which are available for people who are ready to invest at least $2000 and get a fully automated and self-cleaning toilet. These luxury toilets will save its users the maintenance time and will diminish all possible hassles that might occur on daily basis. Even though, the mean average price of a good-quality toilet ranges around $400, regardless on the brand or type of the product.

Drake 2-Piece Toilet

The particular model of the toilet has the oblong bowl, clog-resistant trap and the SanaGloss glazing, which will ensure the cleanness of toilet’s bowl with every single flush. The core characteristics of this model are its flush valve. This toilet has a 50% bigger flush valve compared to the most toilets produced today.

Ultramax 1 Piece Toilet

The Ultramax model, issued by the same producer as previous toilet model, gained the popularity among households with kids. As most parents aware, children often “test” the toilet by flushing sometimes unnecessary objects. The trap of this model is constructed to be 5.4 cm wide, which prevents the unnecessary and large in dimensions objects to get stuck in the flushing pipe.

Ultimately, it also has the drawback. With a wide enough trap, most of the objects thrown into the toilet and flushed will be lost forever. An additional advantage is that this model has a low noise level, meaning that no one will hear when you’re done with a usual attendance to the bathroom.

The fundamental advantage that this model provides its users is the high-efficiency sound smothering mechanism. Further to the isolation of toilet’s slam, this model reduces the flushing noise level and the “buzz” of water gathering in the tank of the toilet.

Owning this model will allow you confidently attend bathroom at any time of the day regardless of sleeping children or guest that came over for a visit. If you will pay attention and put enough effort to install thus toilet properly, it will afterwards eliminate the possibility of leaks and will create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the entire house and your bathroom.

Eco Soiree Elongated 1 Piece Toilet

This 1 Piece toilet model of TOTO brand matches the tail alike design that is very quick get used to after the replacement of the old model or the installation in the newly built home. The seat is construction as high as almost 45 cm, with the length of the entire toilet construction, including the tank adds up to 72 cm. Toilet with particular dimensions will comfortably fit in any bathroom. Due to the incorporation of double nozzle flushing mechanism, the toilet generates greater flushing power compared to other models with the edged holes.

The particular model will not be characterised as the budget saving option. Additionally, because this is a one piece product, it is impossible to split the tank and the main body of the toilet while installation process. Ultimately, the owner of this particular model can be reassured that he or she invested their money in a high-quality toilet with a great performance in any aspect. Moreover, the high level of comfort it delivers to its users definitely justifies its price tag.

The Neorest 550 1 Piece Toilet

If you are looking for the complete pack of the modern functional toilet that will supply your household with the unrivalled level of comfort, this product is the one that will meet all your expectations and satisfy all your needs. Its automated lid will perform open and closure operations for you as well as help you to get to the toilet in the night time with the support of integrated nightlight adjusted programme.

It comes in the variety of three glazed polishes, which customers can choose from. Additionally to that, the Neorest 550 will provide its owners the reliable and durable performance over the long period. Also, the particular model was granted with WaterSense certification, which meets the state requirements on the water gallons per flush benchmark. This product has a higher than average price, which might not be attracted to everyone. However, when purchasing the Neorest 550, you will furnish your bathroom with the sleek modern look and equip it with efficient flushing technology that has the 30.5 rough in plumbing.

The Champion-4 1-Piece Toilet

First of all, we would like to mention that particular model owes the great advantage among the rest because it is manufactured with EverClean enamel, which ensures the waste stain resistance throughout the long distance.

Its enamel also has a comparably good performance in binding the reproduction of bacteria in the toilet, which can be the cause the of unpleasant smell in the bathroom. This toilet will leave all inconveniences about the mould and other nasty things behind. It also meets ADA standards in its design dimensions as well as has the low flushing noise level.

The H2 Option 2 Piece Toilet

This model comes in 3 different polishes. It was manufactured to distribute the voluminous waste. Theis model will be perfect for homes in the area of strict water limitation.

Despite the limit utilization of eater, the flushing function still has a strong performance, eliminating the repeat of flushing need for its users. Its pressure-tight edge automatically sprinkles the water in the toilet that cleans the surface each time the flush operation is prompted.

The KOHLER Santa Rosa 1-Piece Toilet

The particular model of the KOHLER manufacturer integrated the best flush force customers are able to reveal within all models presented in the market. The flush operation utilises as less as 1.28 gallons of water per single flush allowing its users to considerably save the water use. Due to its strong flush force, none of the members in the household will face the need to waste their time waiting for the water accumulation in the tank, because all waste will be flushed away from the first time. The construction of the seal in this model secures the hazard of the adhesive sealant by 90%, providing the user with the most trustworthy product that will please with its smooth, leak-free performance for a long period.

The Saniflo Sanicompact 48 1 piece Toilet

The Sanicompact model was constructed for the traditional building constructions due to its specific vertically operated plumbing power. This also underlines the inability of installation of this toilet for the apartments that are situated on the higher floors. There is the requirement for this toilet to install the calcinosis separator each six months to reassure the smooth performance of the product. This point is the sheer issue of the particular toilet model.

This toilet type might be installed to be the only and the main to utilize by the household, however, we would advise this one to be bought as the secondary toilet. In addition to that, it is worth to mention that it is advised to use the single layer toilet paper when using this toilet in order to bring in to the place its full efficiency.

So which toilet type will be the best match to your needs? What is the way you have to lead in order to fund your perfect choice? First of all, as a customer you need to go through the reviews of toilet models that are available here. These reviews were created to provide the most important information to every person who is about to invest in the new toilet for their own home. Secondly, after making the list of most-favourable models, check them in the store or the market. Finally, only after completing the first two steps you may finally decide on the specific toilet that gained your best score to supply you and your household with the long run and reliable performance.

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Are you in search of a nice modern substitute for the old toilet you have been using for years? Would you like to enjoy all the benefits that an upgraded toilet models have to offer without spending too much? Today, the market has to offer a number of great toilets, some of which will not cost more than $200. With such a wide choice of the best modern toilets, making a worthwhile purchase does not seem to be a complicated task. Nevertheless, if you want to have no reasons for regretting your investment, make sure you have taken into account some of the important points.

Guide to Choosing the Best Toilet for Your Home

Find Out the Measurements of Your Bathroom

The number one thing to consider before buying a new toilet for your home is quite obvious. Nevertheless, this is the reason why it is often left ignored by many customers. No matter how unnecessary you might consider the task to be, take all the bathroom measurements to ensure that the new toilet will fit the space without any unexpected problems. The rough-in bathroom size needed for the toilet should be calculated by measuring the distance between the center of the drainpipe (the one that is connected to the toilet) to the wall baseboard.

Be careful not to include the tiles or any other trims on your bathroom wall in the measurement to avoid any alteration of the result.

One more way to make an accurate measurement for a correct choice of a new toilet is to start the calculation from one of the so-called toilet flange bolts — the bolts that secure the flange of the toilet. In case your home toilet is held down by four flange bolts, your measurement should start from the center of the rear one. You should take the process of taking those rough-in measurements especially seriously if the space intended for a new toilet is limited. If this is true for your home bathroom, you need to additionally determine the distances from the sides of the toilet flange bolts.

In a comparatively modern home, the rough-in measurements will give the result of 12 inches (slight variations possible). If your dwelling is older, there is a big chance that the measurements will demonstrate a difference of 2 inches in comparison with the standard figures (making 10 or 14 inches). Naturally, the older your home is, the harder it is to predict the result. When it comes to the toilet reviews we are going to present you with in this article, stay assured that all of the described models work perfectly in any modern home.

One-Piece or Two-Piece — Which Toilet to Choose

There are two basic designs of a standard home toilet: a two-piece toilet with the water tank and the bowl being installed in separate pieces, and a one-piece toilet that keeps the two major elements in a united construction. When evaluating the difference between these two types of toilets, the first thing you will clearly notice is the price, which tends to be around 15-25% lower for the two-piece models. Apart from this obvious contrast, there are no specific distinctions in the way the construction, installation, or functioning of these toilets. However, cleaning and maintaining the one-piece models is considered somewhat easier.

If you have opted for a two-piece toilet, we advise you to pay special attention to the quality of the sanitary bar that needs to be present in a good toilet model of this type. This toilet part is responsible for preventing any liquid like water or even urine from building up in the area under the water tank. Not only this raises the general level of cleanness but also protects the toilet from the destructive force of acids that urine contains.

When you are ready to buy a new toilet, take a while to check whether you have everything else necessary for installation available at home, namely:

  • a toilet seat (many toilet models are sold without a seat, unfortunately)
  • a wax ring including a sleeve
  • the required number of the new toilet flange bolts
  • matching caps for the flange bolts

It should be mentioned that a growing popularity has been noticed with the wall toilets — wall-mounted models that you can often see in commercial environments. An unbeatable advantage that these toilets possess is the ease of cleaning and maintenance, which guarantees extra high levels of cleanness. At the same time, installing such a toilet at home will most probably cause a number of difficulties since the majority of homes simply do not answer the specific requirements for installation. Particularly, one might need to alter the plumbing for adequate waste disposal, as well to set up supplementary bracing needed to support the weight of a wall-mounted toilet as well as the weight of the user.

One more part of the toilet design that not many consumers take into account when making a purchase is the trapway. This is a part of the toilet that the waste together with the water goes through to reach the disposal tube. It is situated under the bowls and has a traditional curvaceous snake-like shape, which is responsible for keeping the waste odors from breaking into your bathroom air. Although the majority of users are quite happy with the most common 2-inch glazed trapways, wider variations will be more effective when it comes to the risks of clogging.

Determining the Type of the Bowl You Need

When it comes to toilet bowls, there are also two major types (or shapes, to be more precise) you will need to choose from — a round bowl and an elongated bowl. The traditional round bowls are good money-savers in comparison with the more modern elongated bowls. What is more, they save not only money but also space, which makes them better solutions for small bathrooms. On the contrary, while costing a bit more and taking around additional 2 inches of space along the length of the toilet, elongated bowls provide more comfort for the user as it appears from numerous reviews.

Another feature of the bowl that might be of quite an importance for you is the bowl height. In case of the standard toilet, the height of the bowl makes around 14—15 inches, which proves to be comfortable for the majority of users. You can make the measurement of your existing toilet to find out whether it falls in this category. Nevertheless, for some people with specific physical requirements, it is more convenient to use a taller toilet bowl. Owing to the variety of models offered in the market today, you can buy a toilet with a chair height of up to 19 inches for your ultimate comfort.

When choosing the bowl height, keep in mind that the toilets answering with the Americans Disability Act (ADA) requirements should be at least 16.5 inches tall. However, if your new toilet will also be used by small children or pets, it would be wise to consider the models of standard height.

Evaluating Different Flushing Systems

As long as we examine the standard home toilets, the flushing systems will show similarity it practically all models. The toilet includes a tank of water, whether in a separate piece or in one piece with the bowl, that holds water until you press the trip lever for flushing. When this action is done, the water from the tank rapidly moves directly to the bowl through the canister flushing valve, and takes away all the waste leaving us with the picture of swirling water in the trapway. In standard models, the water tanks hold approximately the same amount of water, which is around 1.6 gallons or sometimes even less in order to comply with the requirements of the EPA WaterSense Program.

Nevertheless, the designers give us some freedom of choice offering different variants of the trip lever position on the water tank, as well as different sizes of the flushing valves.

Basically, the trip lever is the small handle that you need to push in some way to get the water from the tank released in the bowl. The modern variety of toilet models lets us choose from a few different kinds of trip levels, with the standard handle still being much sought after. At the same time, the push button lever is becoming a frequent choice for those who prefer ease and comfort in everything. Finally, the ultra-modern toilets offer the benefits of the hands-free toilet flushing systems that bring the toileting and hygienic experience to a new level.

If you would rather prefer an effective model for an affordable price tag, a standard lever is what you need to look for. In any way, keep in mind that the most beneficial and reliable position of the standard lever is at the front of the water tank. It does not only make the user experience more comfortable but also ensures the easier functioning of the inner mechanism, fewer troubles with the maintenance of the chains, be they plastic or metal, and generally a longer period of no breakage.

Another characteristic influencing the quality of flushing is the size of the toilet flushing valve. The rule is simple: the larger the valve is the faster and stronger flushing you get. This is important not only in terms of saving your time but also for keeping the inside of the bowl as clean as possible. Besides, a larger valve in combination with a wide trapway provides an especially strong and effective flushing using only 1.28 gallons of water, which makes a huge difference in comparison with the older toilets using around 3.5 gallons of water at each flushing.

The advances of technologies have introduced the pressurized flushing systems to the market of home toilets. They use the pressurized air to push the water from the tank into the bowl with even more force. Such a strong flushing is capable of breaking the waste into smaller pieces, which eliminates the risks of clogging and keeps the bowl much cleaner. The only disadvantages of this ingenious flushing system are louder-than-average operation and expensive repair should any breakages take place.

Other unusual solutions include flushing systems that use the combination of gravity and water pressure in the tank to achieve a stronger and faster flushing. The waste and water are pressed downward while the siphoning force finishes the flushing process. Some toilets that utilize this gravity flushing system offer the user a choice of the flush capacity. Choosing the standard or reduced flush, you can easily control your water consumption. Finally, more and more users dare to try the newest waterless models.

To make the tiresome process of choosing a new toilet easier for you, we have made a list of the best flushing home toilets that you are highly recommended to look through.

Choosing a Comfortable Toilet Seat

Many users thoughtlessly consider the toilet itself to be the only thing that should be thoroughly evaluated in its every single characteristic. Nevertheless, the toilet seat is a detail that should take a portion of your attention and time as well. Simply imagine how the whole experience of using a new toilet can be altered by a seat that is extremely uncomfortable to sit on! This is the reason why taking some time to look through the offers of various toilet seats and investing some money into a really good one is a worthy decision. After all, even if the purchase might seem a bit costly now, you will experience the benefits of your investment every single day.

First of all, be aware that even when you buy a model that is positioned as an all-in-one toilet, it does not mean that a toilet seat will be included in the package.

Choosing a seat for your new toilet should start with determining the shape that would perfectly fit the toilet you have already chosen. It is not hard to imagine that an elongated seat will cause quite a lot of inconveniences when fitted to a round bowl, and the other way round. Another characteristic for you to take into account is the material of the seat that directly influences the quality and durability of your new toilet seat. You will encounter the choice of most various materials: from polypropylene, plastic and cheap pressed wood composition to soft cushioned vinyl and even high-quality natural wood.

When looking for a good toilet seat, you will notice that there exists one more subtle feature that is nonetheless worth mentioning. To make the whole experience of using the toilet as comfortable as possible, you can reap the benefits of the toilet seats that provide slow closing. This means that you will forget about the unpleasant and even embarrassing slamming sounds. Besides, a soft slow seat closing contributes to a longer performance life of the seat. Finally, it is a very convenient thing to use when compared to standard toilet seats.

If you are a kind of user who never compromises on quality and personal comfort, the search of a comfortable and durable toilet seat can lead you to considering the bidet toilet seats that offer an advanced toileting experience. These electrically powered devices do not only provide you with the pleasure of using a warm toilet seat but also let you bring your personal hygiene to a new level by the possibility to use a stream of warm water for the kind of cleaning that even the best toilet paper cannot guarantee. The best bidet toilet seats make it possible to completely forget about using toilet paper or paper towels with their great warm air drying and even deodorizing functions. And this is not only about the comfort and personal hygiene. Stopping to use toilet paper means saving up to $120 a year (in an average family of four people). A simple calculation shows that even the most advanced and expensive bidet toilet seat will pay off in a bit more than a year.

Of course, the process of installing such a state-of-the-art seat will take a bit more time and effort than the standard toilet seat since you will need to connect your new toilet device to electricity and water supply. Nevertheless, once you have done it, you can confidently plunge into the benefits of owning a bidet toilet seat with numerous features and even a remote control!

Not to get lost among the different bidet solutions for your home toilet, make use of our comprehensive guide to the best bidets.

Other Sanitary Fixtures You Might Want to Have in Your Bathroom

The list of hygiene fixtures that can turn your bathroom in an ultra-comfortable room is not yet complete. First, you can endow your bathroom with a separate urinal. The only obvious complication with this kind of fixture is the necessity to alter the plumbing to make the urinal installation possible. Second, you can improve your home hygienic experience to a higher level with installing a small portable bidet that proves to be a very practical device.

The major benefits of a portable bidet are easy to understand:

Quick and easy installation. A standard design of a portable bidet implies its placement between the rim and the seat of your existing toilet. To secure the bidet attachment in place, you need to use the plastic screws of your toilet seat. This means the whole process of installing a portable bidet includes detaching the seat from the toilet, aligning the bidet with the recommended installation area, and attaching the seat back in its place — as simple as that. The only thing left to do is to use the included standard T-connector to attach the portable bidet with the water line. Finally, you can switch to a new personal hygiene standards.

Customization. Practically all portable bidet models including the simplest and cheapest ones allow customization of the cleaning experience. Using a knob or a similar regulator, you can adjust the water pressure levels to get the kind of water stream that would feel most comfortable on your skin. After all, you are dealing with the most sensitive areas of your skin, so there should be no hesitation in taking your personal wishes into account.

Warm Water Cleaning. Although the simplest portable bidets do not include a water heating element, it does not mean you will suffer from cleaning your sensitive skin with ice-cold water. What you need to do is to attach the portable bidet to the hot water line of your bathroom. This might not be the easiest task to do, but it is definitely worth the result.

If you are not on a tight budget and can afford mode advanced designs of portable bidets, you might want to reap the benefits of the following additional features. First, you can get an extra-comfortable clean with a wide front-to-back coverage that is provided by bidets with an oscillating water spray. Next, you might want to improve the overall level of hygiene and cleanness with a self-cleaning bidet nozzle that makes the bidet maintenance as easy as never before. For even higher level of cleanness, you can choose a portable bidet with a self-retracting nozzle that reduces the risks of contaminating the clean water with the waste particles.

Evaluating the Expected Water Consumption

Water consumption is constantly becoming burning issue in practically all countries, so you need to take into account the specific requirements and regulations on water usage and conservation in your specific area of dwelling. The standard modern toilet uses 1.63 gallons of water at each flushing. In some countries, this indicator has been made obligatory. In other countries, those are the toilet manufacturers who have made the 1.6-gallon capacity a standard. In any way, you need to be perfectly aware of your building requirement for water consumption before you purchase a new toilet if you want to avoid any problems in the future.

Still, it does not mean that you are not allowed to use less than 1.6 gallons of water for flushing the toilet. Today, you can find many toilet models that use mere 1.28 gallons of water to effectively flush all the waste at a time. You can reach even more effectiveness and cleanness by opting for a toilet with air compression flushing system. Although these toilets produce a higher level of noise when flushed, the water consumption saving is substantial.

If you are still not amazed by what the modern toilet designers have prepared for you, consider the dual flush model that provide flushing of extreme effectiveness while using less than one gallon of water per flush for getting rid of the liquid waste. The ability to choose the strength of flush lets you considerably cut down the water consumption while enjoying the same level of comfort and toilet cleanness that you got used to. In the long run, effective and economical flushing is an integral characteristic of a high-quality toilet that you are looking for.

Choosing the Bets Home Toilet to Answer All Your Requirements

Having determined your specific needs in all of the categories described above, you will be able to make a choice of a new toilet effortlessly and with no reasons for later regrets. As a rule, any dissatisfactions with the chosen toilet occur because some of the important points had not been taken into account before the purchase was actually made. As long as you keep a clear picture of what you need and want in your mind, there is practically no chance of making a wrong choice.

Even being totally confident about your decision when buying a new toilet, take some time to instantly examine the package after it has been delivered, especially if you have place your order at Amazon or other websites alike. In the case of Amazon, you are given a 30-day period for returning the product if any of its parts have been damaged during shipping. Naturally, if the installation of a peculiar toilet requires some additional work with plumbing, it will not be physically possible to cope with everything in one day. Still, make sure you are keeping the process under control and have enough time to return the purchase should any unexpected damages appear.

Do not put your wish to get a new toilet into cold storage. Use our guide and you will soon enjoy the best decision you could have made!

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