Oral B 2000 vs 3000 – Bathroom Hub

Oral B 2000 vs 3000 – Bathroom Hub

There are so many tooth brush brand names in the marketplace today, as well as it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you. There are also various sorts of tooth brushes, such as rechargeable or hands-on. The Dental B line has a range of electrical brushes that have varying attributes as well as advantages. In this short article, we will compare the Dental B 2000 vs 3000 designs to assist you decide which one ideal suits your demands!

Oral B 2000 testimonial

-The Oral B 2000 is one of the most fundamental electric tooth brush in the line. It has 2 speeds and also an on/off switch, like manual brushes do.

-The brush heads are cross activity with tufts of bristles in between to properly clean teeth in hard-to-reach places around crowns, bridges, implants as well as dental braces. There are additionally rubber ribs along the side for polishing away surface spots from fillings or caps.

-It features a Smart Travel Situation that can be charged using USB cord so you can bill it up while taking a trip without taking too much space! This case will keep your brush head sanitized when not being used as well.


  • Brush Head Included: Yes
  • Billing Technique: USB or Rechargeable Battery
  • Cleaning Modes: Two Speeds, On/Off Switch
  • Battery Life Indication: Yes * Calls for a minimum of 1 day charging before very first usage.

Dental B 3000 evaluation

-The Oral B 3000 is a step up from the 2000. It has 2 cleaning settings and an on/off switch, like the 2000 does, yet it also includes a wise timer to help you brush your teeth for the dental practitioner suggested time of 2 minutes.

-This version cleans both in circular activities along with back and forth motions too! It features SmartRing technology that indicates when each 30 seconds have passed so you can concentrate cleaning in different sections of your mouth without missing any kind of areas. The color modifications from blue to green at every thirty second period starting from when you activate this electrical tooth brush until all 4 quadrants are done being brushed –– top left after that lower right, after that top right then lower left. This feature is very handy for those with braces or other oral work.

-It includes a Smart Traveling Instance that can be recharged by means of USB cable television so you can bill it up while traveling without taking way too much area! This situation will keep your brush head sterilized when not being made use of also.


  • Brush Head Consisted Of: Yes
  • Charging Approach: USB or Rechargeable Battery
  • Cleansing Settings: 2 Speeds, On/Off Switch and Smart Timer with Sign Lighting.

Dental B 2000 vs Oral B 3000: Brand Name Contrast

Similarities & & Common Attributes

Both Oral B 2000 and 3000 brushes are small (smaller sized than the majority of rechargeable toothbrushes), light, with rubber grip that is easy to hold. They both have soft bristles for mild cleansing.

  • They are available in various shades –– blue/green handles on the Oral B 2000; black manage on the 3000 version. Both versions look almost similar except for these distinguishing attributes!
  • They both charge using USB cord or charging base (included with acquisition). The brush heads do not need any type of substitute components like some sonicare versions need their own special device to switch out old ones when brand-new ones arrive & hellip; it’& rsquo; s simply an issue of snapping them into place onto the brush take care of.
  • All Smart Traveling Situations can be reenergized via USB cord.
  • Both are water-proof and risk-free to utilize in the shower!
  • The brush heads are interchangeable between both versions. They feature one normal sized head when you first purchase them, yet additional ones can be purchased individually on Amazon or at your regional seller (any kind of Oral B brand name brush head will fit). The bristles look very similar also & hellip; just make certain not to get offbrand choices as they may damage the electrical tooth brush take care of!

Oral B 2000 vs Oral B 3000: Secret Distinctions

Cleaning Settings

The Dental B 2000 has one routine cleaning setting. It is an easy push-button to activate as well as off, without any alternatives or options in between like the 3000 deals.

The Dental B 3000 has two different modes: Daily Clean (for day-to-day use), and also Gum Treatment (for gentle gum stimulation). It likewise features an On/Off switch in addition to SmartTimer which counts down during your cleaning session for dental professional advised time of 2 minutes. There are indication lights that show you when each 30 second period begins & hellip; beginning with blue to eco-friendly at t he initially thirty seconds, then orange, red until it turns back to blue once more after 120 seconds!

Toothbrush Colors and also Layouts

The Oral B 2000 as well as 3000 look the same, however the shade is various: 2000 design has blue handle; 3000 comes with a black one.

For those who prefer more modern-day streamlined style of white or silver-colored tooth brushes –– both versions will certainly blend in nicely as they are not vibrant like a few other designs such as Sonicare for Kids. Both come with rubber grasp that makes them simple to keep (even when damp). They feel sturdy as well as well constructed as well!

Pressure Sensor

The Dental B 3000 has an unique attribute that the 2000 does not have –– it includes a sign light for when you are brushing also tough or pushing your tooth brush way too much versus teeth. The traffic signal will certainly transform on to let you recognize this is happening, and then it will automatically change pressure sensitivity so that there is much less of a chance of harmful gum tissues by applying excessive force while cleansing them!

This aids if you are new to electric tooth brushes given that they can take some getting utilized to & hellip; it’& rsquo; s easy to weigh down harder than needed at first until you end up being accustomed. This pressure sensor gives included security attributes so regardless of what dental hygiene degree any person using these brushes might be at –– beginners or veteran customers.

Battery Life

The Dental B 2000 is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts as much as 7 days with routine usage. If it’& rsquo; s left remaining on the charging base, you can anticipate concerning two weeks per cost. This creates a simple traveling toothbrush since no batteries are needed! It takes one hr to fully charge entirely & hellip; from dead or low battery prior to utilizing it for very first time.

The Dental B 3000 is additionally totally cordless and uses AAA alkaline batteries (consisted of). It has not just one however 2 various means of powering this brush: either use four AAAs in its removable plastic cradle or connect USB cable television using computer system or wall-charger adapter which comes consisted of too when acquired brand new –– these can be used reciprocally so you have options to select from. In any case, it lasts for about a week as well as half with normal usage prior to needing new batteries put or charged again.

Tooth brush Heads

The Oral B 2000 includes one brush head, the Pro White. It also takes any regular sized tooth brush heads (any version) which can be acquired at your regional seller or online via Amazon and various other merchants. There are various type of substitute brushes to select from for specific requirements, such as lightening, sensitive periodontals, etc & hellip;. simply see to it fits this electrical tooth brush handle!The 3000 has 2 options: Precision Clean which is best for everyday use; Delicate brush choice if you have declining periodontal line or dental work done that triggers level of sensitivity problems when brushing normally so extremely gentle massage mode cleans teeth carefully

Cost as well as Worth

The Dental B 2000 and 3000 are both in the exact same price variety: $50-60 (provide or take depending upon merchant) brand-new. However, there is a method to find it less expensive & hellip; make certain you inspect your regional advertisement advertisements for sales.

Oral B 2000 vs Dental B 3000: Benefits and drawbacks

Dental B 2000


  • Two rate setups for those with sensitive teeth
  • On/Off button so you don’& rsquo; t need to cycle through all the settings just to turn it off


  • No pressure sensor and no quadrant timer.

Oral B 3000


  • Pressure sensor to allow you understand if cleaning also difficult
  • Quadrant timer that beeps at 30 2nd periods so each area of your mouth gets equal time being brushed.
  • Two different means it can power itself: either with AAA batteries or USB cord for charging on computer system systems.


  • None.

Which one would certainly we choose?

For our individual preference, we would certainly pick Oral B 3000. We such as the pressure sensor and also quadrant timer attributes on it which are doing not have in the 2000 variation.

The Pro White brush head functions excellent for us so there is no requirement to buy additional ones & hellip; although you can if required!

It’& rsquo; s more expensive than the majority of electric toothbrushes however that fact that it lasts as much as two months with regular use of one cost (or regarding a week-and-a -half making use of rechargeable batteries) makes this item worth every dime. As long as you keep an eye out to buy, vouchers or discounts at your local retailers then go on and also choose either model of these brushes given that they both get outstanding user assesses online!


Which version is quieter?

The Oral B 3000 is a little quieter than the 2000.

Which model has even more cleansing modes?

They both have two basic rate setups: everyday and massage therapy. There are various other oral care functions integrated but no particular “& ldquo; cleansing & rdquo; settings like sensitive teeth or bleaching, etc & hellip; besides what you obtain with brush head selection (extra on that particular in following concern).

Are these models non-slip?

Yes, both are non-slip.

Final thought

The Oral-B 2000 and also 3000 are both great designs, so it can be hard to select which one is ideal for you. The good news is, we’& rsquo; ve examined both side by side with an in-depth comparison of their attributes along with genuine customer assesses that will aid make your choice less complicated! Lastly, whichever model you wind up choosing we hope this article has been practical in addressing some usual inquiries like “& ldquo; what & rsquo; s the difference in between a Dental B 2000 vs 3000?”

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