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Best Denture Cleaner – Bathroom Hub

Dentures are an important part of oral hygiene for some people. They improve the ability to chew and speak, as well as help with digestion. Dentures can carry a lot of bacteria, so they must be cleaned regularly. The best denture cleaner will do more than just clean your dentures- it should also remove any unwanted odors or tastes left behind on the denture surface from food particles or saliva. In this article, we have reviewed seven different types of cleaners and included helpful tips about cleaning your dentures properly!

Denture cleaners are a must-have product for people wearing prosthetic teeth! They help remove any food particles, saliva, or other debris left behind on the denture surface after eating. This helps prevent bad breath and also ensures that your mouth gets clean enough to keep you healthy overall.

If there is too much bacteria build-up from residue not being cleaned off properly then this could lead to gum disease which can cause tooth decay as well as contribute to poor health in general if the gums have been damaged by over-brushing without proper cleaner.   Using an antibacterial liquid regularly will kill germs so it’s important to choose one with active ingredients specifically designed to deal with oral hygiene issues. Keep reading below where we review some of our favorite products and give you some helpful tips!

Best Denture Ultrasonic Cleaners Reviewed

Polident Smokers Denture Cleanser Tablets, 120 Count

With Polident Smokers Denture Cleanser Tablets, keep your dentures free of tobacco stains. These tablets are made to break down tough food particles left on teeth during smoking. Most people are unaware that they can still have discomfort if their teeth don’t get sufficient cleaning because their dentures may not be completely clean. Cleaning with toothpaste isn’t deep enough, but these tablets provide a deep enough clean with no risk of damage done to the dentures. They also come in an easily portable tablet form which is easier for travel or even just handbag storage. They are also easy to use, just drop one into your freshly rinsed denture and watch it clean away.

  • Comes in a portable tablet form
  • Easy to use and can be stored anywhere
  • Tablets might leave an aftertaste if not rinsed away fast enough.
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Justi Renew Denture Cleaner

Justi Renew is a concentrated dental cleaner for your dentures. Developed by the world leaders in dental care, this powerful formula has been on the market for over 2 years and is proven to be revolutionary. Countries around the world are now requesting Justi Refreshes new formulation because of its incredible cleaning abilities that remove difficult stains with just 3 minute soak time before brushing from composition plaque, bacteria, tarter – anything that could be clinging to your teeth! With new studies coming out almost every week showing new ways our lifestyle affects our teeth and gums- it’s so important not only to invest in the great product but also take initiative on preventative measures like night guards or whitening strips. Grab some Renew today so you can have clean healthy teeth and gums before it’s too late.

  • Cleans any type of denture- plastic or metal
  • Powerful formula that is nonabrasive and gentle on the gums
  • The most expensive option for the best denture cleaner.
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Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser Effervescent Tablets, 3×84 count

Polident’s 3-minute denture cleanser is designed to dissolve quickly so the special cleansing and freshening agents can get to work right away. The professional, effervescent tablets are specially formulated with active ingredients that provide a thorough, gentle cleanse for your dentures. With Polident you only have to soak your dentures for 3 minutes – one tablet at a time in saliva- (that means no more half-hour sits soaking in water).

The nationwide dentist recommended brand of denture cleaner offers many benefits like clearer breath and fresher teeth when used regularly; better plaque control on your metal or plastic dental appliance; stronger adherence of the materials to each other; good oral hygiene around tooth surfaces which may promote healthy gums.

Polident’s great tasting flavor is available in four flavors – fruit, mint, lemon, and spearmint which are all-natural flavored for you to enjoy while getting the benefits of a clean denture without any worries about harmful chemicals or other ingredients that can bother your stomach if ingested.

  • Works quickly, only one tablet at a time
  • A most popular brand for denture cleaning so you know it works well with most tablets
  • Contains natural flavors and is alcohol-free -safe to swallow if accidentally ingested.
  • None.
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Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets, Complete Clean, 126 Tablets

Efferdent Complete Clean Denture Cleanser tablet cleans tough stains and removes tough odors, while freshening your retainers and dentures with the use of 5-in-1 effervescent. With each daily use, Efferdent helps remove plaque buildup to prevent bacteria from forming between teeth and gums. Effectively fights removal of 99.9% germs which can cause bad breath or gum irritation; containing one pack containing 126 tablets that effectively clean painful teeth sensitivity caused by crowns or braces. Making life easier for seniors who often forget to brush their dentures during the day due to sensory loss in soft tissues may seem impossible since using Efferdent Tablets every day makes cleaning easy because you only need 1 tablet per day to freshen your dentures.

  • Each tablet contains a mouthwash that helps eliminate the bad odor and taste of dentures.
  • Comes in packs containing 126 tablets making it last for an entire year, so you only need to buy one box at a time.
  • People with sensitive teeth may find this product difficult to use since each tablet must be dissolved in water before using because its effervescent can potentially irritate dental tissues if used without dissolving them first into the water.
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Urban ReLeaf Liquid Oral Wound Cleanser! Soothe Irritation. Speed Healing. 100% Natural Sea Salt Soak

Urban ReLeaf is an oral wound cleanser made with natural sea salt. It helps soothe irritated tissue and aids in speeding up healing without being irritating or drying on the skin. This liquid wound cleaner comes in a 4 oz bottle with easy instructions, making it ideal for use after dental procedures, braces, mouth irritation from canker sores, or orthodontics which sometimes leaves wounds that are difficult to clean.

The unique formulation of Urban Releaf’s product produces gentle yet effective saliva substitutes by way of salts rich in many minerals — magnesium and potassium — which give your salivary glands a rest. Salt also stimulates taste buds and moistens your throat and upper respiratory system during dry spells due to ill-weather conditions or breathing problems like asthma.

Urban Releaf Liquid Oral Wound Cleanser is all-natural and 100% vegan — it contains no animal by-products, harsh chemicals, or toxins; because of this many people who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities find relief using our product. It’s also gluten-free and sugar-free! No sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors are included in the formula making Urban Releaf a great choice for diabetics as well.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • 100% vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free!
  • No harsh chemicals or toxins
  • None.
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Efferdent PM Denture Cleanser Tablets, Overnight Whitening, 90 Count

Efferdent PM Overnight Whitening- You wanted an overnight whitener that works. You got one! Efferdent delivers a deep, nighttime clean with the power of powerful cleaning agents in a convenient tablet form. Efferdent PM removes stubborn stains and food particles in hard-to-reach places for a brighter, healthier smile. With 50% more brightening boosters than Efferdent Complete Clean and no bleach or peroxide, you have every reason to see your dentist tomorrow morning. Enjoy an unbelievable ~90 tablets of overnight whitening power for complete benefits of teeth bleaching without the expense, pain, or risks associated with other whiteners.

Efferrset is America’s First Denture Cleanser Brand Accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

  • Removes stubborn stains
  • Whitens teeth in just one overnight use
  • None.
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DentaSOAK Refill Kit – Mouthguard, Retainer, Denture, Appliance Cleaner – 100% Safe – Persulfate Free – Non-Toxic & Alcohol-Free – 3 Month Supply – Mint Scented

DentaSOAK Refill Kit is perfect for dental appliances that need to be cleaned- including mouthguards, dentures, retainers. Non-toxic, alcohol-free, and persulfate-free! The kit includes 3 mos.- a good deal for the convenience of one refill pack. We sell directly from our website Great Lakes Dental Technologies.  We do not sell through any third party.

DentaSOAK Refill Kit is made for cleaning dental appliances such as mouthguards, retainers, and dentures- but it’s also great for other items like vases! The formula uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to remove stains from the surface of your appliance resulting in a clean, white finish. It effectively removes plaque buildup around hard-to-reach places which leads to fresher breath- perfect if you’re looking for odorless dishwasher soap! DentaSOak can be used with all types of appliances including acrylic, plastic, or metal that are commonly found at dentist offices nationwide. We offer only top-quality products directly from our website Great Lakes Dental Technologies Inc.

DentaSOAK Refill Kit is 100% safe and effective on all types of appliances including acrylic, plastic, and metal that are commonly found in dentist offices nationwide! The formula uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to remove stains from the surface resulting in a clean white finish removing plaque buildup around hard-to-reach places which leads to fresher breath. DentaSOak can be used with any type of appliances such as mouthguards, retainers, or dentures but it’s also great for other items like vases!

  • Perfect for cleaning dental appliances such as mouthguards, retainers, and dentures
  • Removes stains on appliance surface leading to fresher breath
  • Good deal for the convenience of one refill pack
  • None!
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Retainer & Denture Cleaning Tablets – Dental Cleaners for Odor & Plaque – 3 Min Cleaning for Retainers, Aligners & Mouth Guards – USA Formulated – 4 Month Supply (120 pcs)

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep the rest of your mouth healthy during braces, retainers, or dentures usage – try Zengate’s Retainer & Denture Cleaning Tablets. These tablets are proven to remove stains and residue while also keeping decay at bay with their potent formula containing only safe ingredients. The pack contains four full months of cleanings so it’ll last you longer than chemical-filled gel products. With this dry cleaning solution in hand, nobody will be able to stop that sweet tooth while still maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

This product is safe to use even if it falls in the water so you can say goodbye to stains on your retainers while also enjoying a clean mouth all day long. It’s an easy, convenient convenience that makes sense for anyone looking to take care of their pearly whites without having to break out any chemicals or wait around forever just to get them squeaky clean. All this retainer cleaner needs is three minutes before it’s ready to get down and dirty – simply brush off the residue with ease using Zengate Denture Cleaning Tablets!

  • Easy to use the formula that doesn’t require water or rinsing
  • No chemicals are needed so it’s safe for braces and dentures alike
  • Keeps your mouth healthy during usage with every cleaning
  • Doesn’t get rid of stains on the first try, may need multiple cleanings before you see results.
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120 Retainer and Denture Cleaning Tablets (4 Months Supply) – Cleaner Removes Plaque, Stains from Dentures, Retainers, Night Guards, Mouth Guard, Invisalign, Odors and Removable Dental Appliances

Maintain oral health during braces, retainers, or dentures usage with Zengate’s 120 Retainer & Denture Cleaning Tablets! This pack contains four full months of cleanings so it’ll last you longer than chemical-filled gel products. The Formula CXR+ is a dry cleaning solution that doesn’t require water for use and leaves your mouth feeling fresh after three minutes of brushing off the residue using disposable brushes provided by the company. With this retainer cleaner at hand, nobody will be able to stop that sweet tooth while still maintaining healthy teeth and gums all day long!

This formula works effectively on removing stains from daily wear including night guards, invisible aligners, and removable dental appliances. Using Zengate’s Retainer & Denture Cleaning Tablets is easy – simply brush off the residue with ease using these tablets that work on braces, retainers, dentures, or even natural teeth!

  • Cleans your retainer in three minutes without chemicals so it doesn’t damage materials used for baking soda formulas
  • Useful for anyone looking to keep their mouth healthy during usage of any kind of oral product
  • Keeps your pearly whites clean and fresh with every use
  • None.
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Regent Labs Stain Away Professional Strength Denture Cleanser for Partials, 8.4 Ounce

No matter what type of dentures you have, one thing is guaranteed- they are not easy to clean. That’s why Regent Labs has created a professional-strength denture cleanser that’s safe for any type of partial. Our mouthwash formula will remove tough stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, and more with just two doses per day. If you want to maintain your new smile, you need to take care of it. This formula is alcohol-free and safe on soft tissues. Made in the USA with natural ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and kosher certified!

Just apply a small amount onto dentures after removing them from the mouth before placing them back into the mouth at night for maximum results. Use once per day until the desired level of freshness has been achieved Keep out of reach of children.. Don’t store above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit Do not use if inner seal is broken rinse teeth immediately after using this product with water do not swallow expectorate excess liquid rinse bottle cap before opening.

  • Cleans every type of partial
  • Fast-acting formula with visible results in a day or two
  • Easy to use and comes in an easy applicator bottle.
  • Have not found any as long as you follow directions this product is great for those who have been having trouble getting their dentures clean!
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What to Consider When Picking the Best Denture Cleaner

What Kind of Dentures Do You Have?

If you have full sets of false teeth or partial plates there are a few things to consider before picking out the best cleaner.

  • Denture Material

There are different types of dentures including acrylic, soft plastic, and metal with each having its own pros/cons when it comes to cleaning abilities.   

  • Acrylics

These are lighter than other materials but can be more prone to staining over time because they absorb saliva which causes bacteria to build up. Since they’re also translucent some discoloration may not be as visible so this is why many people opt for them without knowing ahead of time an issue like this could occur! To help prevent both try using warm water and a soft-bristled brush for cleaning before applying the cleaner itself.

  • Soft Plastics

These are by far the most recommended when it comes to denture material as they’re much easier to clean than acrylics which leads us into…

  • Metal partial plates

These are can be very hard on your gums/teeth if not fitted properly so you should always check with your dentist first! They will have more weight behind them just from being made of metal in general too because plastic is lighter, making this an important consideration depending on how sensitive your teeth may be.  

Stains on Dentures

-If you have white acrylics and notice small brown spots on them this is an indicator of staining which can be caused by smoking or drinking darker liquids. You may not see it right away, but over time the stains will begin to build up! To help avoid this try using a straw when possible with your drinks instead of holding them in your hand because that could also cause damage too if done repeatedly.

-To remove cigarette/coffee-stained dentures use cool water mixed with baking soda for gently scrubbing overnight followed by wearing them around inside out before brushing again first thing in the morning to help prevent discoloration from setting into porous areas.

Stay Away from Abrasives!

Abrasives are normally used to cut through tough stains on surfaces, but for dentures, this is not recommended! If you have problems getting rid of staining or discoloration try using a soft-bristled brush first by hand before applying the cleaner. This will help loosen up anything with ease so it can be removed without scratching/wearing away material too quickly which could lead to damage that’s hard to fix later if done repeatedly over time.  

Overnight Soaking

This is a great idea for those who have stubborn stains or issues with discoloration as it helps to break down the material and loosen up any particles that might be causing problems.

Fill a small glass with warm water adding in baking soda if you need help loosening staining/mildew buildups since this will usually do the trick very quickly! Soak overnight, then brush first thing in the morning before rinsing thoroughly under running tap water until all of the residues from soaking has been removed completely.

Capacity / Size

You want to make sure whatever you buy will fit your budget and needs, which means checking the capacity of where it can be stored. If you have a lot of appliances in your bathroom then look for something with a larger tank size as they’ll take up less counter space meaning they’re easier to store out of sight when not in use!

The last thing anyone wants is clutter so this should always be considered carefully before making any purchases no matter what kinds of products we may need.

Denture Cleaner Types


These come in different sizes and can be used for a variety of appliances so they’re extremely versatile. They work well with most material types, but tend to leave an aftertaste if not rinsed away fast enough which is why you should always wait at least 30 minutes before wearing your dentures again!

Liquid/Powder Cleaners

This type usually comes in either liquid or powder form depending on what works best. Some powders are made more abrasive than others, but liquids generally have a higher level of acidity that helps break down stains/mildew buildups with ease.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s always best to pick a formula that is free from harsh chemicals and alcohols because these can be harmful if worn for too long or used on different types of materials!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store dentures overnight?

One of the most common questions asked by people who wear dentures is how to store them overnight. Well, there are a few different ways you could do this depending on your situation and lifestyle preferences.

For example, if you have an under-the-counter water filtration system in your sink at home then it makes sense to leave them in a glass or cup with clean running water so they don’t get dirty from other things that might be floating around in there! Another option would be leaving them out for quick cleaning before bedtime without having to use toothpaste or baking soda paste.

Can you use a homemade denture cleaner?

It’s not a good idea to use homemade denture cleaner, for one simple reason: you’re likely just throwing money away.

Homemade cleaners often involve some sort of baking soda paste or powder that really doesn’t do anything special at all! Healthy Teeth Whitening found plenty of success with their new product. It uses sodium tripolyphosphate (or STPP), an ingredient in many store-bought cleaners which works by releasing minute quantities of hydrogen peroxide as it dissolves and breaks down on your teeth. You can read more about our experiences here.

Can you clean dentures with peroxide?

In short, yes. It’s a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide on your dentures from time to time if you want them looking their absolute best!

The process is simple: get a small spray bottle and fill it with the smallest amount of water possible (to help preserve the effectiveness). Then add in half a teaspoon of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and shake well. Spray this mixture onto both sets of teeth then gently rub away any plaque or stains that may be present using a soft toothbrush. After, rinse thoroughly with cold water before placing back into storage for later reinsertion! Be sure not boil these as they’re made out of acrylic at the end of the day which could warp under hot temperatures over an extended period of time.

Can you clean dentures with bleach?

Bleach is another ingredient that many people are eager to try out when it comes to keeping their dentures clean, but this isn’t necessarily a good idea.

While the process is simple enough – just soak for about five minutes in water with one tablespoon of bleach added into it – there are several reasons why you should avoid using bleach whenever possible:

– The harsh chemical could damage your natural teeth if mixed together by accident! Although unlikely to happen unless someone swirls around in too much for far longer than necessary, better safe than sorry I suppose.

– You may start noticing some light yellowing or cloudiness after extended periods of use (especially on acrylic) which can affect how they look over time; especially not what you want if you’ve spent a lot of money on these.

– Some people say that the bleach could affect the taste after prolonged use, which isn’t something anyone wants to deal with! Much better-using hydrogen peroxide (just make sure it’s not too strong).

Can you soak dentures in mouthwash?

If you’re not too worried about keeping your dentures looking absolutely perfect, then it might be time to try using mouthwash instead of bleach or hydrogen peroxide!

The process is the same as cleaning with either one, but rather than rinsing off afterward – just leave them in there for roughly five minutes before taking out and placing back into storage.

As long as you don’t store them overnight (i.e., over six hours) this should be good enough without any serious consequences at all! You can read more experiences here if interested.


We hope you’ve found this guide on denture cleaners helpful and informative. The information contained in these pages is designed to give you a better understanding of the different types of products available, as well as how they work. You can use that knowledge to make an informed decision about which product will best suit your needs and budget. If after reading our reviews or buying any one of them, we would love for you to leave us feedback so we know what worked (or didn’t) with other customers like yourself! With all those options now at your fingertips, it should be easy enough to find the perfect cleaner for your dentures by just following some simple tips: consider how often you wear them, if there are certain materials

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