Commercial Kitchen Faucets – Bathroom Hub

Commercial Kitchen Faucets – Bathroom Hub

Commercial Kitchen Faucet is a type of faucet that has been modified to meet the specific needs of a commercial kitchen. These products differ from regular home versions in several ways:

  • Resistant to corrosion and rusting, which is common when water comes into contact with metal frequently (such as happens during washing dishes).
  • Able to reach all areas within the sink so you don’t need multiple spigots or pull out spray hoses. This saves space!
  • Made using durable materials such as brass, stainless steel, and ceramic valves instead of typical plastic ones found on residential models. Plastic isn’t nearly as durable for businesses that use their kitchens daily throughout the year like restaurants do! They also require more upkeep than other types such as polished chrome finishes that may chip or wear over time.
  • More efficient in terms of water usage than your typical kitchen faucet at home, which is an important factor for businesses that use their facilities daily but don’t want to waste resources!
  • Commercial Kitchen Faucets are great additions to any food service business looking to maximize the efficiency and cleanliness of its facility.

Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

Kraus KPF-1691SFS Britt Commercial Style Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, Spot Free Stainless Steel

Traditionally used for professional cooking, the Britt Commercial Style kitchen faucet is perfect for high volume kitchens. The slim single lever handle and flared spray head are made to ergonomically suit your hand giving you the best in comfort while handling food prep. When wanting to remove grease off dishes simply flex cuff swing wrist back-and-forth with the large 3 function sprayer giving you maximum maneuverability around your sink, dishwasher or wherever else water may be needed. The pull down functionality provides easy access to clean every corner of your sink without having to take it apart hassling or struggling with cover rods whatsoever. Kraus’s commercial style kitchen faucet is made from durable stainless steel with a premium scratch-resistant finish so it won’t rust, tarnish or corrode. It’s also been designed for easy installation and can be used as an option to replace your existing standard countertop single handle model effortlessly!

The KPF-1691SFS Britt Commercial Style Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet comes in spot free stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and spots giving you a beautiful clean design that will last the test of time. The water pressure type options are based on where this unit will be installed at whether it’ll be wall mounted, deck mount or overmount edge applications as well as the required cartridge/valve bodies neededю

This knuckle jointed swivel connector creates a seamless pivot perfect for checking underneath sinks too!

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation and use
  • Can be used as an option replacement for existing standard countertop single handle models
  • The hose might not be long enough for some users
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OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet, Matte Black 9009R

The Utility OWOFAN kitchen faucet is a commercial sink basked solid brass single handle single lever pull do. The high temperature treatment keeps the component from deforming and running all the time. It’s head height (16? ) can fit almost any cabinet; while it flexible spout rotated 360 degrees makes sure that you reach every corner of your dishwasher for simultaneous cleaning use. It’s stream and spray mode to provide easy controls, and there are 27.5 inch extended hot&cold water lines to increase ease and durability when use an outdoor hose with your faucet.

The OWOFAN kitchen faucet is easy to install and made with no lead, which means it’s safe for drinking water at home or business use. The perfect size of this pull down sprayer make sure that you don’t splash on the dishes when washing them in your dishwasher! It can be used as an option replacement for existing standard countertop single handle models easily.

  • High temperature treated solid brass component won’t deform or run all the time
  • Stream and spray mode give users easy controls over their sink functions
  • 27.50 inch extended hot&cold water lines are flexible enough to reach every corner of your dishwasher/sink combination simultaneously while cleaning washables
  • Environmental protection material is safe for drinking water at home or business use
  • The sprayer head might seem a little flimsy to some users.
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CWM Commercial Sink Faucet with Sprayer 36 inch Commercial Faucet Pre Rinse Sprayer 8 inch Wall Mount Center with 12 inch Add on Spout

The 36 inch Commercial Faucet with Sprayer is designed to be durable for most commercial settings, and also provide plenty of storage. The material is made with brass construction, providing an appealing design that will last a long time. With both Hot and Cold water supply you are never running out of options when washing dishes or anything else for that matter! For those who would like to use this as a regular home sink faucet it’s easy to retrofit using the flex hoses offered by CWM Products. This comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The 36 inch Commercial Faucet Pre Rinse Sprayer is made with high quality commercial grade materials, providing users a heavy duty faucet that will last for years to come. It’s also ADA compliant and certified by UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code). The sprayer provides easy installation- simply attach it to your existing sink supply lines. With the 12″ add on spout you can easily rinse items right off of trays or dishes before washing them! This comes with two different finishes allowing consumers options when choosing their preferred look in their kitchen or other commercial setting.

  • Heavy duty- made with brass construction
  • Large faucet head for easy cleaning
  • Some users have stated that water doesn’t come out at full force, possibly due to low line pressure.
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Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Sprayhead in all-Brite Finish, Spot Free Stainless Steel

Experience the difference with Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Pre-Rinse/Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function. SPOT RESIST all-Brite STAINLESS STEEL FINISH prevents water spots and fingerprints on the faucet, while rendering it durable for many years to come. With an open coil spring spouts that are 21″ TALL COMMERCIAL DESIGN, they match most modern designs nicely without compromising substance. This kitchen faucet is both easy to install and maintain, promote LEAD FREE WATERWAY paired with enduring ceramic cartridges that require little maintenance so you can enjoy leak free performance for decades. Additionally this sleek design comes with a unique square arm mounted at 360° rotation levels for a versatile experience. This design is ADA compliant and certified by UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code).

  • Stainless steel construction with a spot-resistant all-bright finish for durability
  • 21″ tall faucet head which matches most modern designs nicely without compromising substance.
  • Easy to install and maintain, promotes lead free waterways paired with enduring ceramic cartridges that required little maintenance so you can enjoy leak free -performance for decades..
  • 360° rotation arm provides a sturdy yet flexible design.
  • Some users have reported difficulty removing the sprayer from the base in order to replace it when necessary.
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FORIOUS Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Commercial Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plated, Brushed Nickel

Forious Faucets feature a stainless steel construction for maximum durability and reliability while also offering one-of-a-kind dual functions sets for an easy, sleek kitchen. Not only are these faucets extremely durable but they are designed to be the world’s safest product on the market with status of Crate CUPC certification. Get your hands on this investment today because it is both affordable and practical without all the bells and whistles that you don’t need! Forius Kitchen Faucet includes 1/2 adapters in each package that can fit any sink type, making them aesthetically suitable for homes or commercial properties no matter what kind of space you have. They’re dishwasher safe too which means you can spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time enjoying your faucet!

  • Stainless Steel
  • Dual Function set for easy usage and sleek design.
  • Affordable without any unnecessary bells or whistles.
  • Some customers have reported problems with installation, however it is unclear if this is an issue with the faucet itself or a mistake made during the install process by a client that was not experienced in plumbing systems.
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AGAHPAY Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pre Rinse Sprayer 8 Adjustable Center Wall Mount Restaurant Faucet with 12inch Swing Spout 25inch Height for Compartment Sink, Industrial, Chrome, Solid Brass

This commercial sink faucet weighs 12 pounds because it’s made of lead-free solid brass. The multilayer chrome resists rust and engineered for many years of trouble free usage in a restaurant kitchen. 1.42 GPM water flow can be easily stretched to any corner, and strong water pressure efficiently pre rinse dishes before load into dishwasher. 8 Centers Wall Mount Faucet – It comes with a set of eccentric flange adapters is easy to install when your need extra space saving! Flow rate of 1.86 GPMS 360 degree 12″ swing spout allows for a more efficient cleaning of the sinks. This commercial faucet features a side sprayer,so you don’t have to worry about getting your countertops wet from having to reach over it!

  • Pre rinse sprayer is a wonderful time saver for commercial kitchens
  • Heavy Duty and made of solid brass
  • None.
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AIMADI Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Sprayer with LED Light,Brushed Nickel

The AIMADI LED Kitchen Faucet is a beautiful and functional solution to your cooking needs. Modern and sleek, this kitchen faucet will truly complements the look of your bathroom or kitchen area. At 5ft long it really can be shown as an environmentally friendly product as opposed to those who do not require any installation due to its easy design that ultimately makes home improvements easier for you. When taken out of the box all you need is two screws and 5 minutes! This sink sprayer eliminates waste by just turning off the water when sanitation necessities are necessary or individual cleaning tasks, such as hand-washing dishes after dinner, become more time-consuming with one hand because of having to hold the faucet handle to keep it open.

The most important thing about a kitchen sink sprayer is how well does it work, and this one works very nicely with all its features from having an adjustable flow control from 0-60 seconds, high volume low pressure water saving power nozzle for washing vegetables or dishes in deep sinks. This sprayer has been improved upon by including a LED light under the spout which makes nighttime cooking more convenient while highlighting the immediate area of your workspace due to being energy efficient using less than two watts of power each hour!

  • LED light is energy efficient
  • Pull down spray head makes for easy cleaning of dishes or vegetables
  • Nozzle is a little small
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Delta Faucet Antoni Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet, Faucets for Kitchen Sink, Magnetic Docking Spray Head, SpotShield Stainless 18803-SP-DST

The Delta Faucet Antoni Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer is perfect for what you are looking for. The magnetic docking helps to avoid installation hassles by attaching the kitchen sprayer to the faucet head. This prevents drooping that can happen over time, and also helps with quick clean up of spills. It also features a DIAMOND seal technology which will last 2X as long as other products on the market (500,000 cycles), ensuring leak free operation throughout its life span. Designed in a commercial style, it offers easy installation that meets ADA specifications and comes equipped with an extender spout to help save space. The faucet comes in chrome finish and has a limited lifetime warranty on parts, so you know it is built to last.

This model is really popular among its users for being easy to install with no leaks or drips even after years of use, as well as the magnetic spray head that attaches easily back into place once done using it making cleaning up quick and simple if anything does spill over during your meal prep time. It also works great regardless of water pressure levels where other products may not be able to handle higher pressures without some sort of issue occurring due to them being cheaply made despite claiming high performance results when in reality they are just an expensive headache waiting to happen! You can go wrong with this faucet and the reviews prove that.

  • Diamond seal technology ensures leak free performance for 500,000 cycles
  • Magnetic docking spray head makes clean up quick and simple
  • None.
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Elkay Avado Single Hole Kitchen Faucet with Semi-professional Spout and Lever Handle, Black Stainless and Chrome

The Elkay Avado Single Hole Kitchen Faucet with Semi-professional Spout and Lever Handle delivers powerful water spray to clean where you least want to reach. The two function water delivery lets you deliver a steady stream for everyday use or a more forceful spray when you need it most. With its durable nylon braided hose, this faucet eliminates the awkward tug of your arm trying to pull down the release head. Achieve perfect ergonomics with its pulling handle which rotates 45 degrees in either direction, while still keeping sturdy on any surface. For simple operation that fits comfortably in your hand, try the single lever control—allowing complete control over any kitchen’s sink area without having to hassle with additional parts or pieces of equipment just so you can wash your hands.

A solid stainless steel construction and a brushed nickel finish make this faucet as sturdy and classic looking as it is functional, while the attachment of its hose makes loading into place simple with an included three-hole installation kit that fits most contemporary sink designs. The quick disconnect design allows for easy replacement or repair if necessary after years of heavy use without having to replace entire pieces. In addition, this unit includes a limited lifetime warranty from Elkay’s confidence in their product’s durability over time—ensuring continued functionality long past those other models which have been replaced multiple times due to faulty components throughout the life of each piece at significant cost to you down the line.

  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Sturdy design
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty from Elkay
  • Hose easily slips out of place during use
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COOLWEST Commercial Sink Faucet 8 Inch Center Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Pre-Rinse Sprayer and 12Inch Add-on Swivel Spout, 36Inch Height Perfect for 3 Bay Compartment Sink

The COOLWEST Commercial Sink Faucet 8 Inch Center Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet with Pul is engineered for comfort and convenience. Stop dirtying your dishes left unattended for a cool drink, or replace the faucet in your business to create an inviting atmosphere. It’s easy to install because it centers around all common US water supply pipes, so no worries about getting stuck without hot water! With heavy-duty die-casting lead free brass, as well as pre rinse sprayer and 360 degree 12″ swing spout, this is an excellent product that you can’t go wrong with.

It’s a great commercial kitchen faucet for small or big business because of its heavy-duty die-casting lead free brass and pre rinse sprayer! Its 360 degree 12″ spout swivel gives you plenty of space to move around your sink without having to constantly shift the faucet head around, which is extremely convenient and easy to use! This model has an optional extra pull down nozzle that easily attaches on the side mount bracket so it won’t take up any additional space, making this unit even better than ever before! The solid base ensures stability as well as ease in installation. You will be able to install everything yourself within 15 minutes thanks to clear instructions manual included.

  • Heavy duty die-casting lead free brass
  • Pre rinse sprayer and 360 degree 12″ swing spout swivel
  • Solid base for stability
  • None.
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How to choose the best commercial kitchen faucet

Pressure Capacity

The amount of pressure a commercial kitchen faucet can handle before leaks and other issues start to occur depends on how it’s installed. Some people choose to install them onto their countertops while others opt for sinks, which means the required water flow differs depending on what your current setup is like!

You’ll also want to consider whether you need hot or cold-only models since some units are designed with both features in mind (which allows users to switch between each as needed). If you only have access to low-pressure supplies then this won’t be an issue, but if that isn’t the case then you’ll definitely want something more heavy duty so it doesn’t get damaged over time due to use!

Single Lever System

Single handle faucets are a great choice for commercial kitchens since they make it easy to switch between warm and cold water supplies as needed without wasting too much time. This is especially helpful if you’re working with limited space or need to share the sink area with multiple employees at once!

The only downside of single lever models is that one hand will always be tied up when using them, which can lead to accidents if there’s no designated place where users should place their other hands while cleaning dishes (to avoid accidentally hitting someone). That being said, these types of designs are very popular in busy restaurants so take this into consideration before making your final purchase decision.

Height of the Faucet

The height of the faucet is an important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a new model. While you’ll want it to be high enough so that employees can easily access them, they shouldn’t get in the way of other kitchen appliances or sinks!

Most models have adjustable designs which allows users to raise and lower water pressure lines as needed—just make sure not select one that’s too short otherwise it may interfere with your counters while using them!

If you need help finding commercial-grade products for your business needs then be sure to check out our website at Faucets Reviews ! We offer useful product reviews along with helpful tips about best commercial kitchen faucets on the market today!

Spot and Rust-Resistance

Commercial kitchen faucets need to be able to withstand years of heavy usage without showing signs of rust or other water spots. The internal components should also be made with durable materials so the handles and spouts don’t loosen up over time as a result of daily use! If you need to replace your existing commercial kitchen faucet for any reason, it’s important that the new one matches the original design since many manufacturers produce their products in unique sizes (to prevent mix-ups during installation).

Most high quality models are designed with stainless steel finishes which make them easy to wipe down after each use—plus they won’t corrode when exposed to moisture like regular metal models do! If you have a small business then this is definitely a feature you’ll want to keep in mind before making your final decision.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets Types

Commercial kitchen faucets for food preparation has led to the development of several types. Each one serves a specific purpose that makes it ideal for use in different types of kitchens or with other equipment:

  • Self-Closing Faucet

This type features an automatic shutoff valve which turns off automatically when you release water pressure after turning on the spigot (or even if there is no pressure at all). They’re perfect for areas where employees may forget to turn valves back off properly, such as dishwashing stations and sinks near disposal units and trash compactors! These faucets also help conserve resources by shutting themselves down when not in active use. A great feature since most business owners find their utilities bills increasing during summertime when ambient temperatures become higher.

  • Pull-Out Spray Faucet

This type of faucet is ideal for washing dishes since it offers more reach than other models, which means you don’t need multiple spigots or pull out spray hoses within the sink to get grease and grime off plates before loading them into a dishwasher! It’s also useful in front of sinks that are close to garbage units so employees can avoid having to hold trash bags open while disposing of waste (which could potentially lead to spills). Most come with an adjustable design, too, so you can adjust the nozzle height as needed. These products are great if your business has limited space available but needs additional functionality from its kitchen faucets due to high usage.

  • High Arc Faucet

This type comes with a high arc spout which makes it easier to fill large pots and pans that may not fit beneath other models! It’s perfect if you have several employees cooking at one time since they can all benefit from the additional space this design offers, even if their workstations are situated relatively close together. The higher height also saves valuable countertop space by allowing users to place items underneath rather than on top of units such as refrigerators and preparation tables (which could lead to spills). They’re especially beneficial for restaurants or cafes that specialize in buffet style service or self-serve stations—especially those offering hot foods which customers would prefer stay hotter longer before serving themselves.

  • Pot Filler

This type features a faucet with two separate valves for hot and cold water, which are needed to fill large pots or kettles! One of the best commercial kitchen faucets out there since it saves time by allowing users to simultaneously prepare higher volumes than other models. These products also save space since they can be installed beside sinks rather than in between them (which is ideal if you have limited countertop area available).

  • Bar Faucet

Perfect for bars that need additional functionality near their liquor storage units so bartenders don’t waste valuable time walking back and forth when preparing drinks. Many come with multiple spouts spread throughout an arc design, making them perfect for use behind long bar counters where bartenders may need to quickly fill multiple drink orders at once. The simpler models come with just one spout, which is useful for back-of-house areas where employees need quick access to large pots or blenders (since you can easily pour contents into these units without having to hold them open).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kitchen faucets universal?

Kitchen faucets are not universal. If you’re buying a kitchen faucet for your home, please choose a product that suits the type of sink in your house which is very important because there’s no point in purchasing an expensive commercial-grade kitchen faucet if it doesn’t fit with your sink!

Commercial sinks have different kinds and sizes so they require specific models to work perfectly well with them.

Do tall faucets cause more splashes?

Yes, taller faucets do cause more splashes because the upper part of your sink is wider than the lower one.

When you turn on water with a tall commercial kitchen faucet installed, it’s likely that some drops will splash around and fall over the edge of your sink bowl to get dirty or wet surfaces below them. If this happens in your house or business premises it can be quite annoying so please keep that in mind when buying new equipment for your business!

How to stop a faucet from splashing?

There are many ways to reduce splashing, including installing an aerator on the end of your faucet. This part attaches directly to the tip of your sprayer where it mixes air with water which also reduces pressure and prevents excess droplets from flying out.

You can also purchase a flexible hose that will attach perfectly well with most commercial kitchen faucets available! These hoses allow you to connect different devices like soap dispensers or water pitchers so they’re extremely practical for both homes and business places.


The best commercial kitchen faucet is the one that meets your needs and suits the style of your home. We break down what you need to know about commercial kitchen faucets, including industrial types and benefits of a commercial-style kitchen faucet for homes, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase yours. Browse our top 10 list below or check out FAQs we’ve compiled at the end of this article if there are any lingering questions on how these work or why they’re necessary in some kitchens!

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